eco-logical recovery

About us

The ecorec company has been in the waste management business since 1993. The treatment of waste into alternative fuels which are further co-processed in the cement industry are the main activities of our scope. Alternative fuels are delivered to the cement plants of CRH Group, of which we are a member since 2015. CRH with its two cement plants in Rohožník and Turňa nad Bodvou is the biggest producer of cement in the region.

Why we do it

We can utilize waste which is not recyclable anymore. Waste fuels produced at our plant are supplied for further processing to cement kilns, where they are recovered at high temperatures around 1.400°C. The co-processing of waste fuels in cement production complies with strict quality control and environmental requirements. In general, cement production is a highly efficient energy and material process and therefore the use of waste fuels in the cement industry is exceptionally valuable. Regarding the environment, this production method is much more friendly than using traditional fossil fuels.

Our services

We work closely with waste management companies, industry, and municipalities to manage their waste in most efficient and modern way. We offer convenient and environmentally friendly waste treatment, sufficient capacity and flexible recovery options. We provide energy utilization of combustible wastes, processing waste fuels and recycling of mineral waste materials.

For example, we can take care of mixed packaging from industry, non-recyclable waste from sorting stations, tires and many other types of waste. We also process materials from a variety of industrial processes such as foundry sands, construction and demolition waste, ash from biomass or coal powered power plants, and many others.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees and anyone affected by our activities are our top priority. Nothing is more important than protecting ourselves and others from harm. For us, safety is never compromised. Therefore, the overall goal at ecorec plants is “zero harm to people, zero damage to property and zero damage to the environment”.

Environmental protection

We take full responsibility for recovery of your waste while respecting all legislative requirements, European waste hierarchy, quality standards and health and safety regulations. ecorec strives to keep waste management hierarchy to ensure that waste is not be used in cement kilns if better ecological and economical ways of recovery are available. Can not better example of CIRCULARITY than what we do.

Our commitment for society

At ecorec we know, that trust and support of our stakeholders is an important part of our mission. Therefore, we proactively develop long-term relationships with those affected by our business including employees, community members, customers, shareholders, organizations and governments. Providing our services, we contribute to improvement of local waste management infrastructure on a long term.

Our company is certified according Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System (OHSAS 18001) integrated with our internationally Certified Quality and Environmental systems (ISO 14001 and ISO 9001).


We are closing the loop, thus creating circular economy! Our business model is helping construction sector to diminish its environmental impact. The main causes of the construction’s environmental impact are found in the consumption of non-renewable resources. By providing waste fuels to cement industry we mitigate use of non-renewable fossil fuels, on the one site and helping to solve society’s waste problem on the other.

Another example is reuse of various materials (e.g. construction and demolition waste) from the industry as a substitute for virgin raw materials (as limestone or clay) in the cement production. By doing this we can substitute huge quantities of virgin materials and lowering environmental footprint of the industry.

Circular business model works.